USHAPAN -- Ancient Water Therapy For Boosting Immunity

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Our metabolic system has the capacity to heat up the chilled things entering the stomach, but there is no process to cool down the hot things up to the healthy or normal temperature. Consumption of hot tea, coffee, other drinks or eatables damages the delicate tissues in our tongue, food pipe and the stomach; these give rise to ulcers at times, which might become cancerous, if neglected. 

Ayurveda not only cures illness but lifestyle as per Ayurvedic Principles gives better health and avoid all type of illnesses.

Ushapana: Water is the nectar on earth.Water taken in the morning half an our,before the sun rising is called holy water.Ths water is named USHAPAN  in Hindi. Though a lot has been written in Indian ancient texts about this simple and cheapest theory of nature ,it is not easy to enumerate.This therapy which can be called as water therapy does not burden the pocket of the poor masses who are unable to spend even for their basic necessities like bread and butter.

The following quote in "Bhav Prakash" also highlights the importance of ushapana:  

 "The person who drinks eight 'anjali' (deep cup made by joining the two hands) water every day at the sunrise time becomes free from all ailments. He lives for hundred years and the (weakness and other problems of) old-age does not even touch him". Indeed, people used to have hundreds of years of youthful life in the Rishi-Age

Wakeup Roughly 1.45 hrs before Sunrise. This is the Baraham Muhurat.
First thing when you wake up Drink Plain Warm Water. In extreme summer it may taken from Earthen Pot. You may also keep it Cooper or Brass container overnight . In Ayurveda it is referred as USHAPAN.
The Intake of water should be before Brush & Toilet. Overnight Saliva in mouth is very valuable should not be wasted by spitting out while brushing. Not using Toilet before drinking water will give a sense of discipline & routine for Drinking water.
Morning Saliva if applied to eyes will Remove Spectacles from even old user and remove dark circles below eyes.
While drinking Water always Sit crossed leg in SukhAsan and drink water in small sips. While keeping the small sip of water in the mouth take two deep breaths and then swallow water slowly after circulating in mouth.
Bhojanante Vishambari: Water after Meal is like poison. Alway drink water 45 minutes before meals or 1.30hrs after meals. This will avoid overloading of Pancreas for Neutralizing PH of Water.
Never drink cold water as it extinguishes the digestion fire.
In case You feel thirsty within 45 minutes before or 90 minutes after Meals take only fruit Juice in morning, Buttermilk in Afternoon or Milk in the evening.

BENEFITS:Morning water cures the disease present in the body one by one.Cells dominated by diseases can be activated and rejuvenation of the bad cells is also possible.The first step towards health is Morning Water, whch is the greatest cleanser,neutraliser,diuretic and anti-bacterial in nature.
1.Balances the three doshas.
2.Maintains fluid balance in the body.
3.Helps to maintain the required output of urine thus cleansing the system.
3.Since saliva contains antibacterial properties by taking water in the morning without cleansing the mouth,saliva helps in treating many diseases.
4.Removes constipation.
There are many other diseases which get controlled by use of this therapy.

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