A few years ago, there was a huge craze for so-called 'Modern Art.' 

Modern Sculpture, Modern Painting, what not.

I started seeing too much about this stupidity in Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc.,

Modern Art  My definition: It looks bizarre, abnormal and does not involve any talent.

Take a look at these for yourself and judge:

This picture is of 'veiled lady' sculpture, a replica present at Salar Jung Museum.

I was stunned by its beauty because, at first look, the statue seemed as if there is a thin cloth draped on a woman's face.
It is pure solid marble!

This, I feel, is pure talent and I have not seen such a stunning art again. Probably this is from Rennaissance period.

What do you term this?  Even a child can do something better than this!

This is a painting -->

What is this? ->

Ugly, warped and depressing!

Maybe a stuff for so-called 'Intellectuals' but for sane people, bull shit!

There is no need to stress on the utility of Wikipedia. I am an avid Wiki reader and not a single day passes without me opening the website.

Somewhere I came across Wikiwand and tried it. Amazing! It became so handy and helpful to me that I decided to write a small post about it so that the readers can benefit from it.

Wikiwand - This Chrome extension tool is fantastic. It gives me an amazing experience while reading

The best and most useful feature of this tool is that if I hover my cursor on any hyperlink related to Wikipedia, a small preview window comes into view displaying a short description from the parent article.

This feature reduces the effort to look up each and every unknown term and is immensely useful.

Do try it out:    http://www.wikiwand.com/

I got my inspiration to write this post as I was reading about Israeli drones which are currently being used by India in warfare.

 The technology used is really amazing! I wanted to put up a post about these amazing gadgets,

Above Pic: Dassault nEUROn

Israeli Drones:
I feel USA drones like predator, reaper, etc., are nothing in front of these Israeli suicide drones

Even though each drone is designed for a specific purpose, the strategic idea behind these drones is really amazing and noteworthy.

IAI Harop (Suicide Drone!)

 It is an anti-radiation drone that can autonomously home in on radio emissions. Rather than holding a separate high-explosive warhead, the drone itself is the main munition. This SEAD-optimised UCAV is designed to loiter the battlefield and attack targets by self-destructing into them.[1] The drone can either operate fully autonomously, using its anti-radar homing system, or it can take a man-in-the-loop mode. If a target is not engaged, the drone will return and land itself back at base.

IAI Harpy (Radar Killer)

The IAI Harpy is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) produced by Israel Aerospace Industries. The Harpy is designed to attack radar systems and is optimised for the SEAD role. It carries a high explosive warhead

Dassault nEUROn (Stealth Drone....My Fav)

The Dassault nEUROn is an experimental unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) being developed with international cooperation, led by the French company Dassault Aviation. Countries involved in this project include France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The design goal is to create a stealthy, autonomous UAV that can function in medium- to high-threat combat zones. Comparable projects include the British BAE Systems Taranis, American Boeing X-45 and Northrop Grumman X-47B, the Indian DRDO AURA, and the Russian MiG Skat.

Indian Drones:

More Amazing Domestic Drones:

I wish to start a drone venture if everything goes well!

Writing this post after a long time...

I have recently experimented with this platform and I am really impressed with this platform and decided to write a post on this. So here we go:

Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, - These are all e-commerce platforms which changed our lives. They provide a wide range of products to customers around the world. But they do not provide all sorts of products.

Suppose you are a producer of a unique product like some hand-made soap, it is one thing to have your own showroom and trying to create sales. It is something else to sell online.

If you want to go sell online, there are few options like google shopping, these above mentioned platforms  or your own e-commerce website.

Having your own e-commerce is one of the best as you have complete control of your products, sales, etc and you can create your own unique brand.

But here comes the problem - You need to create a website hiring developers, maintain the website and everything else. Tooo difficult and costs a bomb.

One fine day, I came across Shopify. It is a marvel.

  • No developers required.
  • No technology costs.
  • Everything ready made.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Very cost effective.
  • Built in themes and apps for all functionalities.
  • Social marketing integration, shipping, payment gateways, etc., all built right into it.
  • Build a website with just a few clicks.

I immediately created a fabulous e-commerce platform "Ecolabs" and in a matter of 2 days, it was up and running. I took up Social entrepreneurship and create a successful venture with it.

I urge everyone to try Shopify. It is really an amazing platform.
Just see this pic below to get to know about it:

I will detail about my Social entrepreneurship venture Ecolabs in a new post.

It was a time when I was struggling with acute transport crisis. I was working in Mumbai. I had no transport of my own and the transport scenario was like this (No exaggeration):


Those were the days when a common man like me could not afford to travel in a taxi which costed around 700-800 rupees for a decent 30km travel with a minimum of 300rs for first 5 km. I was forced to travel in auto rickshaws like the one in the pic. Those guys, even though they had metering systems, tampered the meters, threatened public with strikes and regularly used to charge around 70 rupees for a mere 2 km. God forbid their atrocities in emergencies.

One fine day came Uber, as some god sent gift, into my life. Wow, just wow! cheaper than auto rickshaws, more comfortable than usual taxis. From then on, I became a loyal Uber user.

I was astonished to find many highly educated professionals with MBA degrees became Uber drivers. They earn a decent 60,000 rupees per month, more than a software architect.

Fair price, No advertisements, Highly paid drivers, Excellent cars! 

So I am writing this post examining Uber success business model:


Today, I was asked a very beautiful Logic Question by a very brilliant person. I took a minute to think about it and solve it. But then I was soo amazed at my own intelligence and aptitude that I am posting about the problem and my solution. (Sorry for bragging but I wonder how a brain works if not by divine intellect.)
Here is the question:

Question: You have got 90 pool balls which look completely identical in shape, size and weight. Only one ball in the complete set has a lighter mass. You also have a weighing machine. Tell me a way where you can find the anomalous ball in least number of iterations (steps).
Well, I have never come across such a puzzle till now, and was a bit dazed in such a scenario.
Then I trusted myself and started to think, and the solution was brilliant:
Doing it linearly weighing each ball takes 89 iterations.
My solution:
Divide the entire set of 90 balls into 45 each,
Weigh them on the weighing machine.

You get the set containing the ball with lighter weight.
Questioner: Okay, but wait, for the next iteration, how can you divide 45 balls into two sets?
Me: I am going to divide the whole set of 45 balls into two sets of 22 balls each plus one ball extra.
I weigh them. If both the new sets are of same weight, the extra ball would be the light ball,
If not, we get the set which contains the lighter ball, the set has 22 balls now.
Questioner: Okay, but it takes longer than the official answer.
Let us analyze then-
Official Answer
Divide the whole set into 30 ball sets of three.
Within 2 iterations, we get a set containing 30 balls,
Divide the set again into 10 ball sets, do the same.
To get lightest ball, the worst case scenario is 8 iterations.
My Answer
Within two iterations, you get a set containing 22 balls each.
Doing the same procedure, we get the Lighter Ball within 5 iterations.

All this without even referring to the internet.
All this was solved within minutes of the question and I was so thrilled that I am posting this onto my blog.
It is really amazing how the mind works!

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There are many content editors for blogging on Mac platforms. But there are almost none for Windows.

I have two blogs : One for WordPress and one in Blogger.
The editors in both of them suck and I needed a very robust content editor to do all my changes and publish them in one stroke.
Well, MS Word is one of the best content editors ever created. Why not use it for blogs?
After trying very hard, I came up with the following solution:
Blogger is not supported in Word 2013 though it has provision to enable it. According to my observations, Google is implementing 2-page authentication which is failing the authentication process through MS Word.
This is according to my guess after running few trial and error methods.
Now why WordPress Authentication fails? Well, I solved it and it is really a silly workaround.
Let us have a detailed workaround:
You click Manage Accounts in MS Word and select New and select WordPress

Now If you click on next, you will get to the following window:

Please observe that there is http instead of https.
This is because WordPress started to implement the https protocol after the release of Word 2013 and this issue has not been updated.
No windows updates solved the issue.
Now just change it to https and enter your site URL.
Follow the instructions specified and then you can easily link your WordPress Account to Word.

Now to link Blogger,
There is an amazing web application called IFTTT

Just sign up for the Web Application. It is extremely useful.
Choose the recipe: If WordPress then Blogger

We are done for now. Post an article on Word and click on publish!
 and you can see it on Blogger and WordPress.